Gallop Sneaker - Ocean Navy on Navy - Pyopp
Gallop Sneaker - Ocean Navy on Navy - Pyopp
Gallop Sneaker - Ocean Navy on Navy - Pyopp
Gallop Sneaker - Ocean Navy on Navy - Pyopp
Gallop Sneaker - Ocean Navy on Navy - Pyopp

Gallop Sneaker - Ocean Navy on Navy

Andien X Pyopp proudly present our first barefoot sneakers: Gallop! This time in one tone series.

Gallop derives from Frankish, from Frankish *wala hlaupan (*from *wala “well + *hlaupan “to run”) that means to run well. Run well doesn’t always relates with speed or style. We hope that all kids wearing Gallop could run using the free little feet to strengthen the whole foundation of their bodies.

Neutral for boys and girls, these barefoot sneakers is design according to barefoot natural movement principal:

  1. Completed with 3.5 milimeter #barefootgripper outsole that is thin and flexible for better grip, enable the maximum contact with the ground for better sensory.
  2. Insole from eco-leather.
  3. Knitted upper is designed with small pores for optimum breathability, wide toe box for natural movement and growth, zero drop heel, without arch support, and flexible design of the whole shoes construction.
  4. Completed with elastic opening for an easy on and off.

Note: The shoes would stretch a bit by wear, following the movement and the shape of the little feet. The pores of the upper enable the little feet to wear without socks. Please use socks if your kids’ feet is quite sweaty.

Size Guide

Bagaimana cara menentukan size barefoot shoes untuk anak saya?

Untuk menentukan size, bisa ukur panjang telapak kaki dari ujung tumit ke ujung jari (lurus) berapa cm ya, nanti kita bs bantu suggest size.

Panduan umur hanya estimasi guidance karena kadang bayi yg kelihatan besar telapak kakinya kecil. Sebaliknya bayi yg mungil kadang telapak kakinya panjang.

Ukuran insole yg ideal adalah 0.5-1 cm lebih besar dari panjang kaki. Misal untuk kaki anak mom 12 cm, maka insole sepatu yg ideal adalah: antara 12.5-13 cm karena kaki anak butuh ruang untuk bertumbuh.

  • Size 1 (insole 11 cm) muat utk kaki 10-10.5 cm (biasanya 3-6 bulan).
  • Size 2 (insole 12 cm) muat utk kaki 11-11.5 cm (biasanya 7-12 bulan).
  • Size 3 (insole 13 cm) muat utk kaki 12-12.5 cm (biasanya 12-16 bulan).
  • Size 4 (insole 14 cm) muat utk kaki 13-13.5 cm (biasanya 17-22 bulan).
  • Size 5 (insole 15 cm) muat utk kaki 14-14.5 cm (biasanya 23-27 bulan).
  • Size 6 (insole 16 cm) muat utk kaki 15-15.5 cm (biasanya 27 bulan ke atas).

* Sepatu kulit jika sering dipakai akan sedikit stretch karena sifat bahan kulit mengikuti bentuk kaki.

Cara Mengukur Panjang Kaki

Anak saya biasanya pakai size 22, kalau di barefoot shoes pakai size berapa ya?

Size 22 biasanya insolenya sekitar 13,3 cm, kalau di barefoot shoes mungkin bisa pakai size 4 (insole 14 cm). Tetapi, paling aman jika mom ukur lagi ya panjang kaki anaknya. Karena barefoot shoes tidak ada cushion/bantalan sama sekali, jadi kadang bisa terasa lebih “longgar” meski size/panjangnya sama.

Size Guide Comparison